Colaboração na Internet e a Tecnologia Peer-to-Peer

Carlos Kamienski KamienskiEduardo SoutoJoão RochaMarco DominguesArthur CalladoDjamel Sadok

Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing has been promoting a substantial change in the usage patterns of the Internet in the last years. Its most important advantage, compared to client/server computing, is making the direct collaboration among users possible, with no need for intervenient third-party administered servers. P2P networks allow users to share computing resources through the Internet, even for those hosts hidden behind firewalls and NATs. Actually, this apparently new term is the reintroduction of a model used at the very beginning of the Internet, which brings certain benefits but also various problems. This document surveys the main issues related to P2P technology, using the experience that has been gained by the P2P Work Group of the Brazilian Research Network (RNP).

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