Numerical Simulation of the Flow Around one pair of Square Cylinders Disposed in Different Geometrical Arrangemen

Vinicius Souza Morais

The flow around square cylinders have a great practical importance in engineering and other applied sciences. In many situations, two or more solid bodies are placed sufficiently close to each other such as the flow around one of them changes the fluid motion around the adjacent ones. The incompressible flow around one pair of identical square cylinders disposed in different geometrical arrangements is investigated in this paper. The center-to-center distance between cylinders was fixed in 2d, where d denotes the side of the square section. The angle between flow direction and the imaginary line connecting the cylinder´s centers was varied from 0 to 90o. Unsteady two-dimensional simulations have been performed using an incompressible SIMPLEC finite-volume code employing cartesian staggered grid. A third-order QUICK scheme has been used to treat the advective terms in the Navier-Stokes equations. A fully implicit time discretization has been adopted for all variables. Simulations have been carried out for Reynolds numbers between 50 and 1,000 revealing several flow patterns and the Re-St dependence. Results have been compared with numerical and experimental data from other authors and a good agreement has been found.

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