Uma Metodologia para Auxiliar no Processo de Construção de Bases de Dados Estruturadas a partir de Laudos Médicos

Daniel de Faveri HonoratoHuei Diana LeeMaria Carolina MonardFeng Chung WuRenato Bobsin MachadoAntonio Pietrobom NetoCarlos Andres Ferrero

Knowledge Discovery in Databases is a process that can give assistance during analysis and understanding of data stored in databases. In order to perform this process it is usually necessary to represent the data in the so called attribute-value format. This work proposes a methodology to support, through a semi-automatic process, the construction of a database in the attribute-value format from patient information contained in medical findings which are described in natural language. It also presents a case study in which the proposed methodology has been applied to a collection of High Digestive Endoscopies´ medical findings.

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