Codificação Nó-Profundidade com Operador de Recombinação para Algoritmos Evolutivos

Giampaolo Luiz LibralãoAlexandre Claudio Botazzo Delbem

Graph modifying problems (GMPs) are present in many application and research areas, mainly in engineering and computation. Lots of alternative approaches have been proposed to deal with the intrinsic complexity existent in these problems, which are, in general, NP-Hard, in which the Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) had shown to be very promising. Best EAs for GMPs have special data structures (or encodings) to manipulate graphs. In recent researches about GMPs, a relatively new encoding called Node-Depth Encoding (NDE) has presented satisfactory results. In general, recombination operators are able to increase the performance of EAs for GMPs. In this sense, that article proposes a recombination operator for NDE. EA using the existent operators and the proposed one is evaluated for the dc-MST problem.

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