Uma Caracterização de Comportamento de Usuários de Internet Banda Larga

Pedro H. Calais GuerraLeonardo C. Dutra Rocha

This paper presents a characterization of broadband user behaviorfrom an Internet Service Provider standpoint. Users are broken into two majorcategories: residential and Small-Office/Home-Office (SOHO). For each usercategory, the characterization is performed along four criteria: (i) session arrivalprocess, (ii) session duration, (iii) number of bytes transferred within asession and (iv) user request patterns. We identified probability distributionsthat represent very well the workload generated by the users of each categoryand managed to point significant differences between them. Moreover, we identifiedgroups of user sessions with very distinct characteristics between them.Understanding user behavior according to these aspects is an important step tothe development of more efficient applications for broadband users.

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