Renderização Interativa em Dispositivos Móveis utilizando Algoritmos de Visibilidade e Estruturas de Particionamento Espacial

Wendel B. SilvaMaria Andréia F. Rodrigues

We developed a system for interactive rendering on mobile devices using the OpenGL ES API. We implemented various combinations of visibility algorithms (view-frustum culling, occlusion culling, backface culling, and a new and simple, yet fast algorithm, called conservative backface culling). We associated these visibility algorithms with different settings of spatial data structures (non-uniform Grids, BSP-Trees, Octrees, and Portal-Octrees) and compared their performance through extensively testings using different 3D environments (in the order of thousands of triangles). The results show that interactive frame rates on mobile devices can be obtained using geometry rather than image-based rendering or point-based rendering.

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