Composition and Performance with Mobile Musical Agents

Leo Kazuhiro UedaFabio Kon

Across the Centuries, musicians have always had interest in the latest scientific achievements and have used the latest technologies of their time to produce musical material. Since the mid-20th Century, the use of computing technology for music production and analysis has been increasingly common among music researchers and composers. Continuing this trend, more recently, the use of network technologies in the field of Computer Music turned out to be a natural research goal. In this work, we investigate the use of mobile agent technology for the creation and performance of music within a distributed computing environment. We show that this technology has the potential to foster new ways of composing, distributing, and performing music. We define the concept of mobile musical agents, which are mobile agents that integrate a distributed musical environment. Using this idea, we designed and implemented the Andante system, an open-source infrastructure for the construction of distributed applications for music composition and performance based on mobile musical agents. We also built two sample applications on top of this infrastructure that were used by a composer.

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