Integração e Interoperabilidade de Conteúdos em Portais Semânticos

Ana Maria de Carvalho MouraAna Cavalcanti

E-gov portals are a practical and effective way to disseminate information on the Web. However, most portals are built as independent sites, lacking support to deal efficiently with processes and services, and to provide an integrated view of similar and complementary information extracted from other institutional portals. From the citizen’s side, searching information in these portals may become a hard task, since it is spread out along innumerous sites. This work proposes the development of enriched e-gov semantic portals, in order to facilitate citizen´s navigation, by integrating content extracted from other sites, considering similar or complementary domains. This work focuses on interdisciplinary work involving semantic web, and will certainly benefit from a research cooperation with INRIA, since this institute develops important projects on semantic web and maintains effective collaboration with the W3C working group.

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