High Performance Applications on Hierarchical Shared Memory Multiprocessors

Christiane Pousa RibeiroMárcio CastroFabrice DuprosAlexandre CarissimiLuiz Gustavo FernandesJean-Francois Mehaut

Compute and data intensive applications have been usually executed in high performance computing platforms. Nevertheless, with the exponential growth of the amount of data produced in some research domains, even these parallel systems are unable to produce results in reasonable time. Therefore, in order to further accelerate these applications, parts of them are migrated to hardware and implemented, for instance, in reconfigurable hardware such as FPGAs. Many bioinformatics applications are good candidates to explore the benefits of high performance reconfigurable computing platforms, since they are often very compute intensive, dealing with enormous amounts of data. This paper presents the research already conducted at UnB in the area of High Performance Reconfigurable Computing for Bioinformatics, discusses open problems and presents perspectives for future joint international research.

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