SAM method as an approach to select candidates for human prostate cancer markers

A. C. Q. SimõesA. M. da SilvaE. M. ReisS. Verjovski-Almeida

In order to select gene markers among differentially expressed transcripts identified from tumoral prostate, we have applied a filter and Significance Analysis of Microarrays (SAM) as the feature selection method on a previously normalized dataset of DNA microarray experiments reported by Reis et al., 2004 (Oncogene 23:6684-6692). Twenty seven samples with different degrees of tumor differentiation (Gleason scores) were analyzed. SAM was run using either two-class, unpaired data analysis with Gleason 5-6 and Gleason 9-10 samples, or multiclass response analysis with an additional category of Gleason 7-8. Both strategies revealed a promising set of transcripts associated with the degree of differentiation of prostate tumors.

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