Segmentation and centromere locating methods applied to fish chromosomes images

Elaine Ribeiro de FariaDenise GuliatoJean Carlo de Sousa Santos

The objective of this paper is to describe a new approach for locating the centromere of each chromosome displayed in the digitalized photomicrography of fish cells. To detect the centromere position, the authors propose methods for both image segmentation and split touching chromosomes based on the fuzzy sets theory and a method for the rotation of chromosomes. These methods were applied to two species of fish chromosomes: Astyanax scabripinnis and Astyanax eigenmanniorum. Using a database with 40 images including metacentric, submetacentric and subtelocentric chromosomes, and comparing the centromere locating obtained by the proposed algorithm with the manual results obtained by two expert cytogeneticists, the average accuracies were 81.79% and 82.54% respectively.

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