A method for comparing three genomes

Guilherme P. TellesMarcelo M. BrigidoNalvo F. AlmeidaCarlos J.M. VianaDaniel A.S. AnjosMaria Emilia M.T. Walter

The large amount of data from complete genomes gave rise to the need for computational tools to analyze and compare them. In this work, we propose a method for comparing three genomes simultaneously, at the basic level of their sequences. This comparison can indicate the set of genes shared by genomes, giving interesting clues about the metabolic pathways and proteins related to particular issues. The input for the method is three sets of gene coding sequences or products and the output are the sequences exclusive to each genome, the sequences common to pairs of genomes, and the sequences common to the three genomes. Because each sequence in a genome may be similar to many sequences in the other two genomes, some complicated situations may arise. The main feature of our method is the ability to avoid such situations. We used our method to compare genomes of two pathogenic and five non-pathogenic fungi, and made a biological analysis based on one of these results.

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