Técnica de Fusão de Imagens para Facilitar a Detecção de Áreas Canavieiras em Incompatibilidade Ambiental

Maikon R. de NovaesBernardo T. F. RudorffEdison CrepaniLuciana Miura Sugawara

The purpose of this paper is to develop a methodology based on thetechniques of GIS and remote sensing as the fusion techniques of images toidentify cane crops in APP in the São Paulo state. For such images were usedpancromatic the HRC (High Resolution Camera) and multispectral CCD(Charge Coulpe Device) data. The intersection between APP and Sugarcanecrop maps, combined with a careful visual interpretation with the aid of thefusion image, resulting in the areas of legal conflict. In the study area wasfound 9,840 hectares of APP in 996,100 hectares of sugarcane crop of which60 hectares have found themselves in legal incompatibility environment.Fusion images technique allowed sugarcane crops identification as well as thedetailed layout of the drainage network in the next scale 1:10.000.

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