Sharing executable models through an Open Architecture based on Geospatial Web Services: a Case Study in Biodiversity Modelling

Karla Donato FookSilvana AmaralAntônio Miguel Vieira MonteiroGilberto CâmaraMarco A. Casanova

Biodiversity researchers develop predictive models for speciesoccurrence and distribution which are useful for biodiversity conservationpolicies. Species distribution modelling tools need to locate and access largeamount of data in different sources and produces results from differentalgorithms. In this scenario, collaboration is an essential feature to improvethis research area. Scientists need to share models, data and results to get newdiscoveries. This paper presents advances in Web Biodiversity CollaborativeModelling Services (WBCMS) development. These services support sharing ofmodelling results and information about its generation. WBCMS also enableresearcher to make new experiments based in previous one. Scientists can useWBCMS to compare experiments, to make new inferences and to improve theirstudies. A case study explains the model instance usage.

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