On Creating a Spatial Integration Schema for Global, Context-aware Applications

Steffen VolzDaniela NicklasMatthias GrossmannMatthias Wieland

The world of spatial data is split into individual data source islandsthat have different thematic or spatial focuses. When attempting to integratethose data sources, severe challenges arise, since for most GIS applicationdomains a spatial integration schema does not exist. This is also true for thenewly emerging domain of mobile, context-aware applications. Since the usersof these systems are mobile, transborder access to spatial data or contextmodels is crucial for global deployment. The basis for this work is the NexusAugmented World Schema, a conceptual schema that serves as an integrationstandard for autonomous spatial context servers. This paper analyzes somemajor spatial data standards, especially with respect to the requirements of aspatial integration schema for context-aware applications and illustrates theNexus approach.

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