Investigating the Effects of Spatial Data Redundancy in Query Performance over Geographical Data Warehouses

Thiago Luís Lopes SiqueiraRicardo Rodrigues CiferriValéria Cesário TimesCristina Dutra de Aguiar Ciferri

Geographical Data Warehouses (GDW) are one of the maintechnologies used in decision-making processes and spatial analysis. Forthese, several conceptual and logical data models have been proposed in theliterature. However, little attention has been devoted to the study of howspatial data redundancy affects query performance over GDW. In this paper,we investigate this issue. Firstly, we compare redundant and non-redundantGDW schemas and conclude that redundancy is related to high performancelosses. Further, we analyze the indexing issue, aiming at improving queryperformance on a redundant GDW. Comparisons among the SB-indexapproach, the star-join aided by R-tree and the star-join aided by GiSTshowed that SB-index significantly improves the elapsed time on queryprocessing from 25% up to 95%.

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