A Progressive Vector Map Browser

José Augusto S. RamosClaudio EsperancaEsteban Walter G. Clua

With the increasing popularity of web-based map browsers, remotelyobtaining a high quality depiction of cartographic information has become com-monplace. Most web mapping systems, however, rely on high-capacity serverstransmitting pre-rendered tiled maps in raster format. That approach is capa-ble of producing good quality renderings on the client side while using limitedbandwidth and exploiting the browser’s image cache. These goals are harderto achieve for maps in vector format. In this work, we present an alternativeclient-server architecture capable of progressively transmitting vector maps inlevels-of-detail (LOD) by using techniques such as polygonal line simplification,spatial data structures and, most importantly, a customized memory manage-ment algorithm. A multiplatform implementation of this system is described, aswell as several performance and image quality measurements taken with it.

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