Implementação de uma Linguagem de Consulta com Suporte a Preferências Condicionais

Fabíola PereiraSandra de Amo

Many important applications like e-commerce and multimedia systems require the use of efficient techniques for customizing and manipulating user preferences. In the database field, the researches are focused on the development of query languages able to express and filter preferences. This paper proposes the implementation of the CPref-SQL query language, which is an extension of SQL with support to conditional preferences. Algorithms are proposed to implement the new preference operators: Select-Best and SelectK-Best. They are capable of evaluating top-k queries with preferences, i.e., queries that return the k most preferred tuples according to a hierarchy of user preferences. The proposal is the direct implementation of these algorithms in the PostgreSQL query processor. Also is part of the scope of this work to develop a method that allows to insert the notion of preferences in the context of similarity queries.

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