Management of Semantic Annotations of Data on Web for Agricultural Applications

Sidney R. de SousaClaudia B. Medeiros

Geographic information systems (GIS) are increasingly using geospatial data from the Web to produce geographic information. One big challenge is to find the relevant data, which often is based on keywords or even file names. However, these approaches lack semantics. Thus, it is necessary to provide mechanisms to prepare data to help retrieval of semantically relevant data. This work proposes an approach to attack this problem. This approach is based on semantic annotations that use ge­ ographic metadata and ontologies for describing heterogeneous geospatial data. Se­mantic annotations are RDF/XML files that rely on a FGDC metadata schema, filled with appropriate ontologies terms, and stored in a XML database. The proposal takes as case study semantic annotations of agricultural resources, using domain ontolo­gies.

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