Applying Code Coverage Approach to an Infinite Failure Software Reliability Model

Adalberto Nobiato CrespoAlberto PasquiniMario JinoJosé Carlos Maldonado

An approach to software reliability modeling based on code coverage is used to derive the Infinite Failure software reliability Model Based on Code Coverage - IFMBC. Our aim was to verify the soundness of the approach under different assumptions. The IFMBC was assessed with test data from a real application, making use of the following structural testing criteria: all-nodes, all-edges, and potential-uses - a data-flow based family of criteria. The IFMBC was shown to be as good as the Geometric Model - GEO, found to be the best traditional time-based model that fits the data. Results from the analysis also show that the IFMBC is as good as the BMBC - Binomial software reliability Model Based on Coverage - a model previously derived using the code coverage approach, indicating it to be effective under different modeling assumptions.

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