Quality Improvement for Use Case Model

Ricardo RamosJaelson CastroFernanda AlencarJoão AraújoAna MoreiraRosângela Penteado

Requirements documents tend to be inundated by requirements that are no longer meaningful, descriptions that are unnecessarily long and convoluted, duplication of information, among other shortcomings. These syntactical problems hinder the overall understandability of requirements documents throughout the whole development process. Quality evaluation strategies are not very helpful if they only include lists of expected product qualities. They should also incorporate guidelines to help practitioners to effectively measure and improve the qualities of requirements documents. AIRDoc1 is a step forward to fill this gap proposing a process that supports the evaluation and improvement of requirements documents specified based on use cases. This process is founded on the elaboration of goals and definition of questions that will be answered by hypotheses and metrics. The quality of requirements documents is improved through refactorings and patterns. A case study demonstrates how the process of improvement has been successfully applied in an industrial requirements document.

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