Assessing Intra-Application Exception Handling Reuse with Aspects

Júlio César TaveiraCristiane QueirozRômulo LimaJuliana SaraivaSérgio SoaresHítalo OliveiraNathalia TemudoAmanda AraújoJefferson AmorimFernando CastorEmanoel Barreiros

Recent studies have attempted to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using aspect-oriented programming to modularize exception handling code. In spite of their many interesting findings, these studies have not reached a consensus when it comes to the impact of aspectization on exception handler reuse. In fact, their results are sometimes in direct contradiction.In this paper we describe a study aiming to answer the question of whether AOP really promotes the implementation of reusable exception handling. We analyze reuse in a specific context: in terms of the number of duplicated or very similar error handlers that can be removed from a program when extracting error handling code to aspects. Our study targets three industrial-strength, medium-size software systems from different domains and employs a comprehensive set of concern-specific metrics.

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