Variability Management in Aspect-Oriented Architecture Description Languages: An Integrated Approach

Eiji AdachiThaís BatistaUirá KuleszaAna Luisa MedeirosChristina ChavezAlessandro Garcia

In this paper we propose an integrated approach for managing variabilities in architectural specifications of software product lines. Our approach combines an aspect-oriented architectural description language for product lines, PL-AspectualACME, with a variability modeling language, VML4Arch. PL-AspectualACME, also proposed in this paper, is used to specify the overall architectural description consisting of the modular representation of architecture commonalities and variabilities. VML4Arch is used to automatically derive product-specific architecture descriptions by specifying features dependencies and the variabilities that must be included in the products. We illustrate the application of our approach by using a software product line from the mobile domain.

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