Processamento de Alto Desempenho em Consultas sobre Bases de Dados Geoestatísticos Usando Replicação Parcial

Melissa PaesAlexandre A. B. LimaMarta Mattoso

ParGRES is an open-source database cluster middleware for high-performance OLAP query processing. Using query parallelism, it significantly speeds up the execution of heavy weight queries, typical from OLAP applications. We evaluate ParGRES' performance on BME, a geostatistical OLAP database developed by IBGE. These experiments were performed using partially replicated database and have focused on queries in isolation, on concurrent queries and on streams of queries. We obtained almost always super-linear speedup on queries and processing time reducing. These results make ParGRES a low cost alternative solution for OLAP applications particularly the ones designed by governmental institutions.

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