Proposta de Boas Práticas no Processo de Comunicação em Projetos Distribuídos

Ivaldir Honório de Farias JuniorRyan Ribeiro de AzevedoEric Rommel Galvão DantasRodrigo G. C. RochaWendell Campos VerasFred FreitasJether Oliveira Gomes

The communication has been assuming important role to the development of software, where the bad communication or the lack of it can put in danger success of the projects. The increasing demand for qualified professionals has forced the companies to choice the distributed development of software - DDS, this way, the communication becomes a determinant factor and crucial for the success for the distributed projects. Based on literature and on a empirical study with interview semi-structured, this article has as objective of propose good ways to manager communications of projects DDS becomes more efficient. These practices helps the stakeholders to minimize the impacts of a bad communication, reducing the possibilities of unsuccessful projects.

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