MARISA-LUA: A MDD approach to Integrate Detailed Project and Code in Aspect-Oriented Software Development

Everton TavaresAna Luisa MedeirosThais BatistaLeonardo Minora

This paper presents MARISA-LUA, a model based development approach to integrate two activities of the aspect-oriented software development (AOSD): detailed design and codification. MARISA-LUA aligns the models and artifacts of these two activities. The proposed approach is part of a rigorous and coherent process where each activity of the lifecycle has AO models (and corresponding metamodels) and a set of transformations among the models. To illustrate the feasibility of the proposed approach, this paper presents a mapping between aSideML, a modeling language to AO detailed design, and AspectLua, an AO Programming Language. MARISA-LUA is implemented using the Eclipse environment and its technologies.

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