Testing Aspect-Oriented Software: Evolution and Collaboration through the Years

Fabiano Cutigi FerrariErika Nina HöhnJosé Carlos Maldonado

Research on testing aspect-oriented (AO) software has resulted in a variety of approaches derived from traditional testing techniques. However, there is neither a clear map of how they have evolved nor how researchers have collaborated so far. Objectives: To draw a general picture of research on testing AO software, focusing on the evolution of approaches and collaborations among researchers. Method: Our results rely on a systematic literature review that has been continually updated during the last years. Results: We identified a few testing approaches that have shown some evolution along the years. They are products of the largest collaboration groups, despite the lack of integration among groups. Conclusions: Although we noticed relative evolution in AO testing research, it still lacks more intensive collaboration in order to produce consolidated approaches that may become a common practice in AO software development.

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