Recuperação de Imagens: Desafios e Novos Rumos

Ricardo da S. TorresJavier A. M. ZegarraJefersson A. dos SantosCristiano D. FerreiraOtávio A. B. PenattiFernanda AndalóJurandy Almeida

Huge image collections have been created, managed and stored into image databases. Given the large size of these collections it is essential to provide efficient and effective mechanisms to retrieve images. This is the objective of the so-called content-based image retrieval - CBIR - systems. Traditionally, these systems are based on objective criteria to represent and compare images. However, users of CBIR systems tend to use subjective elements to compare images. The use of these elements have improved the effectiveness of content-based image retrieval systems. This paper discusses approaches that incorporate semantic information into content-based image retrieval process, highlighting some new challenges on this area.

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