MiD-Mobile: Middleware distribuído para adaptação e gerenciamento de transações em ambiente de computação móvel

Daniela Eloise FlôrMaurício Gonçalves Vieira FerreiraNilson Sant'AnnaRicardo Vasselai PaulinoYandre MaldonadoGomes da Costa

The inherent challenges to the technological development of quality are also applied to the mobile computing systems. In this area, a lot of researches lead to the database transactions. A harmonious accommodation among applications based on transaction processing and dynamic variables of the scenario, motivated the MiD-mobile. The MiD-mobile, monitors such variables and equips with the execution plan of context-aware adapted mobile transaction. In general, the midleware leaves the software to worry with their primary activities, while it uses protocols and services that guarantee context- aware, reduces the interaction with the user, use conscious of resources, among others.

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