Gerenciando Experimentos Científicos em Larga Escala

Marta MattosoCláudia WernerGuilherme Horta TravassosVanessa BraganholoLeonardo Murta

Several scientific areas, such as bioinformatics and oil engineering, need means of executing simulation-based experiments. The state of the practice for this, in most of the cases, consists in the execution of a set of programs. This, however, is not enough to deal with the complexity imposed by the problems that need to be analyzed. This issue gets worse with large-scale experiments. In this case, we need a system to manage the composition of processes and data in a coherent flux. Also, this system must be capable of registering the steps and parameters used in the well-succeeded executions of the experiment. The main motivation of this paper is in identifying and analyzing the challenges that need to be addressed to provide computational support to the development of large-scale scientific experiments. The challenges we identify here deal with the general problem of managing scientific experiments to several applications and resources distributed over a large-scale network such as grids. We identify three complementary research directions: the performance, the management process, and the semantic support. For each of them, we point out some possible solution paths.

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