Desafios na construção e validação da robustez de aplicações orientadas a serviços

Eliane MartinsRegina MoraesTaisy WeberCecília Mary Fisher RubiraAna Maria AmbrósioMagnos Martinello

Service-orientation is a new paradigm that is emerging for the development of distributed and scalable applications. It is based on object-oriented and component-based paradigms, in which the services (autonomous platform-independent computational elements that can be described, published, discovered and accessed over the Internet using standard protocols) are the new elements for development and reuse. Service oriented applications are largely distributed and dynamic, structured as a set of services interfaces with little knowledge about the quality attributes of their implementations. Therefore, the probability of concurrency of service failures is high. In this paper we discuss the challenges related to the development and validation of service oriented applications based on Web Services considering that these applications should guarantee a desired high level of dependability and robustness typical of e-business and mission critical applications.

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