Construção de um Metamodelo para o ARIS Method: Escavação, Refatoração e Análise

Paulo S. Santos JúniorJoão Paulo A. AlmeidaThiago Lavarezi Pianissolla

This paper presents the construction of a metamodel for the ARIS Method using as a starting point the ARIS Toolset serialization format (the ARIS Markup Language). The result of the series of transformations presented here is a metamodel that allows one to store and manipulate models built in ARIS using Model-Driven Design techniques. Consequently, models can be accessed at a higher level of abstraction than previously made possible by using the ARIS Markup Language, facilitating the integration of the ARIS tools with external tools and applications. In addition, the proposed metamodel reveals the essential elements required to capture the semantics of models defined with the ARIS Method.

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