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Codification and Application of a Well-Founded Heart-ECG Ontology

Hugo Feitosa de FigueiredoRuan Victor AmorimClaudio de Souza BaptistaRoberta Falcao de Cerqueira PaesBrigida DuarteMurilo Sergio Lucena Pinto

In this article, we propose a new method for managing documents generated by processes related to environmental management in the scope of a power generation company. The new method allows the optical character recognition, indexing the content, metadata extraction, annotation of attribute values created by a dynamic schema, image processing, highlighting, temporal filter and conversion to standard formats. The proposed method was implemented in the Environment Department of the Hydroelectric Company of Sao Francisco (Chesf) and improves the efficiency of document management, saving computer system resources (hardware, software and peopleware) adopted for management of multimedia documents, and expediting the environmental licensing procedures and supervision of reservoirs edges.

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