A Distributed Intelligent Pair-Software Development Tool

Eustáquio São José de FariaKeiji YamanakaJosimeire do Amaral TavaresGeraldo Henrique Lacerda PintoLowghan Henrique Sudário de Melo

Several researches about pair programming have been developed defending its viability and efficiency on quality software development practice. In many of these studies, the Pair Programming was accomplished in a co-located way and, in others, in a distributed way. In this paper, it's intended to develop a distributed intelligent pair-software development environment to support co-located or distributed pair programming. Activities like objective declaration, use cases, use-case descriptions, activity diagrams, test cases, class diagrams and program coding can be done by the pairs using this software-development environment. Voice communication is also allowed. Intelligent agents were developed intending to mediate the team members' collaboration. The system is in its test phase in an empirical study in a Information System Course.

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