A 3D Multi-Scale Agent-based Stem Cell Self-Organization

Geisa M. FaustinoMaíra A. de C. GattiDiego BispoCarlos J.P. de LucenaMarcelo Gattass

In multi-scale self-organization architecture, emergent functions or properties emerge from micro scale agent interactions in several layers resulting in a complex self-organized system. In system biology, the self-organization is lead by the local spatial information. In a 3D environment it is even harder to model the resultant 3D self-organization that the local parts turn them into. In particular, a stem cell is a primitive cell that can either self-renew (reproduce itself) or give rise to more specialized cell types. The new perspective on stem cell systems as networks of different cell types and their interactions implies that stemness should not be treated as an explicit cellular property, but rather as the result of a dynamic self-organization process. Stem cell simulation is a powerful tool for reducing costs and accelerating the stem cell therapy process. This paper enhances the state of the art presenting an agent-based stem cell computational modeling regarding a 3D self-organization, its challenges and achieved contributions.

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