Framework for Content Adaptation in Ubiquitous Computing Centered on Agents' Intentionality and Collaborative MAS

Milene SerranoMaurício SerranoCarlos José Pereira de Lucena

The proliferation of wireless technologies along with the "anywhere/anytime" paradigm presents new scenarios for service provisioning. This scenarios demand novel technological support capable of dynamically allowing adaptability of services according to user location and preferences and devices capabilities. Mobile devices require an appropriate infrastructure that should be able to dynamically consult different profiles to load, update and discard information. This information is the main ally to provide the best service and guarantee user satisfaction. In this context, there are few satisfactory solutions for content adaptation in ubiquitous applications based on the BDI Model. In order to fill this technological gap, we propose a framework for content adaptation centered on agents' intentionality and mobility, goal-orientation and Multi-Agent Systems (MAS).

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