Controles de Fluxo Explícitos em Workflows Científicos

Sérgio Manuel Serra da CruzFernando Seabra ChirigatiRafael DahisMaria Luiza M. CamposMarta Mattoso

Scientific experiments often involve cooperation between large scale computing and data resources. Workflow management systems (WfMS) are emerging as a key element to help scientists to prototype and execute experiments to accelerate the scientific discoveries. However, even though scientific workflows have been widely labeled as data-centered, they do require some control-flow to design the steps of the experiment - but, these modules are not available in the majority of WfMS. When available they are very heterogeneous. We propose a package of generic control-flow modules independent of the WfMS execution-machine language. Our goal is to provide a meta-workflow specification where control can be designed and executed or mapped to different workflow engines. We present the incorporation of control-flow modules based on workflow patterns to the VisTrails.

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