Modeling and Testing Interruptions in Reactive Systems Using Symbolic Models

Wilkerson L. AndradePatricia D. L. Machado

In the context of reactive systems, several conformance testing strategies have been developed based on variations of labeled transition systems (LTS). However, these models are not suitable when the specification uses large or infinite data domains because each value in the data domain is represented as a system state, leading to an explosion of the state space. This problem is even bigger at interruption testing level, where the possible number of combinations of interruptions at different points of an execution path is huge. Symbolic transition systems (STS) are models where variables and parameters are explicitly represented and these information are treated in a symbolic way. In this work, we present an approach to modeling and testing from STS models of reactive systems with interruptions, and thus make possible the automatic test generation through direct manipulation of high-level specifications avoiding state space enumeration.

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