Reutilização de Modelagem de Negócios baseada em Visões - um Estudo de Caso

Silvia A. Z. LadeiraRosângela A. D. PenteadoRosana T. V. BragaMaria Istela Cagnin

Business modeling provides fundamental documentation to organizations, as it registers basically the business processes, people responsible for executing them and business rules involved. These rules represent peculiarities of each organization, helping to ensure it is competitive in the business branch where it is inserted. As other software artifacts, business modeling can be reused both during systems development and reengineering, providing costs reduction and more productivity in the information systems evolution. In this paper it is presented a case study to evaluate the efficiency of reusing business modeling based on visions. The business modeling for existing systems of the industrial domain is made available for reuse in similar domains but with distinguished complexity levels, and the results of this reuse are presented.

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