Integration Testing of Aspect-Oriented Programs: a Structural Pointcut-Based Approach

Otávio Augusto Lazzarini LemosPaulo Cesar Masiero

Several testing approaches focus on finding faults in software units of implementation (i.e., unit testing). A problem not addressed by unit testing is the interaction among units, with respect to the correctness of their interfaces. With the use of Aspect-Oriented Programming this problem is further complicated by pointcut mechanisms that cut new interfaces in the base program. In this paper a structural integration testing approach for AspectJ programs is presented. A model called PCCFG (Pointcut-based Control Flow Graph) to represent the flow of control between base units and pieces of advice is defined. Based on the PCCFG, two control-flow criteria for a crosscutting coverage measure are defined: all-pointcut-based-advice-nodes and all-pointcut-based-advice-edges. As a preliminary evaluation of the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed approach, an implementation of the criteria in an AspectJ testing tool (JaBUTi/PC-AJ) is presented along with an application example. The example shows evidence of the effectiveness of the pointcut-based criteria to find AO related faults compared to unit testing criteria.

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