Reconciliando Dados de Cunho Acadêmico

Bruno TomazelaCristina Dutra de Aguiar CiferriCaetano Traina Junior

Academic data from the researchers' curricula are valuable data for several management activities, and several institution publishes data that can be seen as part of those curricula, including the Lattes Curricula System from CNPq, the Digital Bibliography & Library Project, ISI Web of Knowledge and the Portal Brasileiro de Informação Científica from CAPES. However, integrating data from those sources can lead to inconsistency and/or incompleteness, as they can describe the same academic object in distinct ways. In this paper, we describe a tool aimed at improving the process of reconciling the description of academic objects obtained from distinct sources, called the Academic Data Reconciler. It performs similarity searches over two sets of academic objects from the same category, and aligns the pairs of more similar objects, allowing the user to transfer data from one object to the other. It allows, for example, to transfer data from the curriculum of a given researcher to others to whom they share academic activities or to transfer data from publishing houses, enforcing a more correct and consistent description of the reconciled data.

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