Um Padrão Canônico para Controle de Paralelização em Aplicações de e-Science

Alexandre R. NardiDiogo R. B. NascimentoMurilo R. PontesThiago T. SeixasFabiano A. F. GraçasJoão E. Ferreira

The use of workflow control-flow patterns in e-Science applications results in productivity improvement, allowing the scientist to concentrate in his her own specialization area. However, the use of workflow control-flow patterns for execution in grids remains an opened question. This paper describes a canonical pattern compliant to parallelization scenarios, commonly found in e-Science applications. It also presents a loosely coupled and extensible solution, to use this and other patterns in grids. As a result, it is expected greater flexibility in the grid usage and in representing parallelization scenarios, helping the scientist tasks.

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