The Impact of Parameter Setup on a Genetic Programming Approach to Record Deduplication

Moisés G. de CarvalhoAlberto H. F. LaenderMarcos André GonçalvesThiago C. Porto

Several systems that rely on the integrity of the data in order to offer high quality services, such as digital libraries and e-commerce brokers, may be affected by the existence of duplicates, quasi-replicas, or near-duplicates entries in their repositories. Because of that, there has been a huge effort from private and government organizations in developing effective methods for removing replicas from large data repositories. This is due to the fact that cleaned, replica-free repositories not only allow the retrieval of higher-quality information but also lead to a more concise data representation and to potential savings in computational time and resources to process this data. In this work, we extend the results of a GP-based approach we proposed to record deduplication by performing a comprehensive set of experiments regarding its parameterization setup. Our experiments show that some parameter choices can improve the results to up 30%. Thus, the obtained results can be used as guidelines to suggest the most effective way to set up the parameters of our GP-based approach to record deduplication.

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