Paginação de Resultados em Consultas por Abrangência

Fábio C. M. RicottaThatyana de F. P. SeraphimEnzo SeraphimEdmilson M. MoreiraCaetano Traina Jr.

An important functionality of the database management systems (DBMS) in the client/server architecture is the capacity of answer queries of client' applications. In this architecture, it is not always possible to foresee the quantity of results that may be generated from a specific query. So, a query may result in a large amount of records which not always is analyzed by the client, generating a waste of processing. To avoid this waste, the traditional DBMS use the technique of results pagination, which consists in sending the results in the proportion when client needs to analyze them. However, the traditional DBMS do not manipulate data where the similarity is the only relation between the domain elements. For this data domain, there is no support for the results pagination technique and a range query may return a very large list which will not be analyzed by the client. In order to minimize this problem, this paper presents a new query called "Next Range Query", that allows the pagination results in control in the client. The principle of the "Next Range Query" is to fragment the query in many queries allowing to forward and backward in the results list.

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