DynTun: Túneis Dinâmicos e a Escalabilidade de Redes em Malha

Jairo L. DuarteDiego PassosCélio Vinicius Neves de Albuquerque

This paper proposes, implements and evaluates a solution to the problem of multi-homing in wireless mesh networks. This problem comes from the interaction between dynamic routing, common in mesh networks, and the use of NAT, usual in access networks. The high variability in routing choices may result in a constant swap of the default gateway. However, the use of NAT may lead to issues, causing disruptions in user connections. The proposal presented in this paper, called DynTun, is based on dynamic management of tunnels, packet tagging and routing policy, and solves the problem in an efficient way, without the need of adding new elements to the network. The DynTun evaluation shows that it is possible to harmonize, likely with scalability improvement, the use of multiple gateways and the NAT on the same access network.

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