Multi-K: um protocolo de roteamento para redes de sensores sem fio usando árvores de espalhamento parciais

Rodrigo T. GonçalvesCarlos de C. GoulartCarlos Mauricio FigueiredoAntonio A. F. Loureiro

This paper presents Multi-K, a modified version of the Multi protocol. This protocol uses an approach of building a spanning tree of K hops, starting from the sink node and reaching each source node. When the data generation is limited to areas close to the sink node, the result is a partial spanning tree. The goal of building a partial spanning tree is to limit the number of control messages to construct and to maintain it, in order to reduce the power consumption of the network. The results showed that the proposed approach is scalable, maintains the packet delivery rate and provides a reduction in power consumption, specially in scenarios where events are concentrated in areas close to the sink node, with a reduction of up to 45%.

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