Escassez de Recursos em Redes Tolerantes a Atrasos e Interrupções

Raphael M. GuedesMarcel W. R. da SilvaJosé Ferreira de Rezende

Disruption/Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) have become increasingly important in the context of advanced networks research. These networks have as main important feature the robustness against the lack of an end-to-end connection. Thus, existing solutions make use of intermediate storage and opportunistic forwarding to deliver end-to-end messages. However, since they are mainly focused on scenarios with mobile devices, one of the problems that can affect their performance is resource constraint such as energy, transmission rate and storage space. This paper discusses the efficiency of some mechanisms that may represent major gains in terms of resources saving on DTNs. For this purpose, we have developed a simulator on top of NS-2 that focuses on resources scarcity problems of DTNs.

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