Uma Proposta de Roteamento Probabilístico para Redes Tolerantes a Atrasos e Desconexões

Carina T. de OliveiraDanilo M. TaveiraReinaldo B. BragaOtto Carlos M. B. Duarte

The protocols commonly used in the Internet were not developed to deal with long delay and frequent disconnections, making them less robust. The networks with these characteristics are being labeled as Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networks - DTNs. The main challenge in these networks is the routing, as routes needs to be determined without establishing an end-to-end path. This work proposes a probabilistic routing protocol, capable of considering the uncertainty of the network connection. The proposal increases the message delivery rate, and reduces the message replication and the buffer occupation. The performance of the proposal is evaluated by simulating a DTN scenario with real-world data.

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