Novel Adaptive Routing Algorithm for All-Optical Networks Based on Power Series and Particle Swarm Optimization

Daniel A. R. ChavesDouglas O. AguiarCarmelo J. A. Bastos-FilhoJoaquim F. Martins-Filho

In all-optical networks, signals are transmitted through physical layer with no regeneration. Therefore, noise accumulation along lightpath can severely impair optical signal-to-noise ratio. For this reason, many efforts have been made to develop impairment aware routing and wavelength assignment algorithms (IRWA) in order to mitigate the impairments effects, improving the network performance. In this paper we propose a systematic form to build an adaptive impairment aware cost function based on arbitrary set of chosen input network parameters. The cost function is based on power series expansion. Our routing algorithm is called Power Series Routing (PSR). An computational intelligence technique, Particle Swarm Optimization, is used to find the coefficients of the expansion.

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