Um Estudo Experimental sobre Ataques ao Sistema de Compartilhamento P2P BitTorrent

Carlos H. SchmittMarinho P. BarcellosRodrigo B. Mansilha

BitTorrent is one of the main peer-to-peer (P2P) protocols for content distribution networks. Although found to be highly scalable in prac- tice, there is still doubt on its robustness regarding attacks that aim to prejudice the network. To date, the studies on the impact of attacks exploiting security vulnerabilities were conducted through simulations. Experimental results obtained through actual implementations of BitTorrent allow more concrete data than analytical evaluation or simulations. This paper describes the use of a modified agent to evaluate the impact of Piece Corruption Attacks in a real, although controlled environment, leading to an analysis that is both accurate and reproducible. The results indicate that the attack we describe and its variants are effective against modern BitTorrent agents, causing significant harm both in terms of effective download rate and network cost.

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